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Trade on the biggest currency market in the world

Forex trading. What is it?

Forex is a market where it is possible to make high profits by conducting transactions for the sale and purchase of currencies. The volume of trades on the Forex market is higher than on the stock or other markets. It has high volatility and dynamics, which attracts both experienced and novice traders.

The BR Stone platform provides its users with access to the Forex currency market and helps to make profit on the difference of exchange rates.

How to trade currencies through Forex?

Everything is very simple here. Making money on Forex works in a following way:

  1. You purchase currency at the lowest possible price.
  2. You resell at a higher price.
  3. Your profit is the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

How it happens: for example you bought 2,000 euros, giving $ 2,100 for it. A week later, due to the global crisis, the euro fell significantly - and you sold 2,000 euros for 2,500 dollars. Total your earnings amounted to $ 400 per week.

How to predict rate fluctuations?

From the paragraph above, we can make a logical conclusion: in order to make money on Forex, you need to make transactions with those currencies that will change in price in the near future. For this, a professional trader must have the skills to predict the market and conduct an analysis regarding all the factors that may affect the price change of the selected currency. Among traders, there are 3 main ways to predict the currency market:

  1. Fundamental analysis is the collection of information on the geopolitical and economic background in a selected country and abroad. Based on this information, one can see with what frequency and depending on what geopolitical decisions the currency of interest changes and how stable it is.
  2. Technical analysis - a graph about the rates of different currencies. Here, the trader has the opportunity to observe the comparative stability of the exchange rate and choose the most profitable currency for investment.
  3. Information analysis is the result of a study of all relevant news regarding a selected country. The broader the amount of data processed, the more accurate is the forecast.

The success of these methods depends on your practice, perseverance and market knowledge. Over time, you can work on your personal strategies - it all depends on your experience. BR Stone offers you help from competent consultants, whose help you can get if necessary.

Why do failures happen?

Many novice traders believe that the Forex market is a guessing game. They don’t use strategies and focus only on luck. Lack of training or expert guidance is the main reason why so many novice traders fail. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not take risks and get advice from experts before you start trading on Forex.

Who is Forex trading suitable for?

At the moment, Forex is one of the most popular markets in terms of investment. Currency trading is available to anyone, regardless of their knowledge and experience in the field of economics and finance. However, in order to trade successfully, you must follow the basic principles of risk management. To do this, the BR Stone platform will provide you with specialized tools, as well as advice from our experienced specialists.

Forex Trading With BR Stone

If you want to take your trading to a new level, or you have never earned money in the Forex market, BR Stone will provide you with all the necessary tools for this. Trade correctly, open your account now.

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