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Auto-trading robot

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the auto-investment service

BR Stone investors always act faster

To provide clients with asset demand, supply, and liquidity data, BR Stone 24/7 collects and analyzes:

Company news from public media and independent analysts

Leaks of the company's confidential information and all mentions in social networks

Investor sentiment and activity in social networks

Data on financial flows of official investment funds and private business associations

Analysis of the technology sector and forecast of the expected value of the company's shares

Auto trading algorithm

Best Public Service

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High performance

A flexible trading system with Depth of Market and support for all types of orders allows traders to execute any trading strategy on any financial market.

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Limited number of users

Only a few investors and brokers can get access. It is available to BR Stone customers if their trading account meets the minimum requirements.

To connect the auto trading algorithm to the account:

Make sure you have $1000+ on your account

Consult with a specialist

The processing of the collected data and forecasting of the expected company's shares value is also made by Big Data analytics:

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Newsbreaks directly or indirectly related to the asset

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The volume of exchange orders by asset

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Macroeconomic indicators of trend dynamics

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Company financial statements

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Analysis of hedge fund activity

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Analysis of changes in stock quotes